Oh, Jesus Christ, Fenton's blogging

Brave After Dark

Working late does have its perks, like being able to ram your colleagues in the head. And then drive an RC car into it.


I had this idea


Sort of. I was going to call it Bisingual and record classic songs in different languages, to provide a more enjoyable and memorable way to learn a language. It could be shamazatronicballs, if all those equally sweet-ass apps that translate written type and spoken words don’t eventually take us back to a pre Tower of Babel world where we all speak (or sing) in a single Siri-fied voice anyway.

Hi me!

This is the place where I’ll be making a handful – if that – lame posts, thinking that I have some interesting things to share or even, heaven forbid, say, about advertising, movies, words etc., until normal, apathetic, FIFA 13 playing service is resumed. As you were. I mean I was.